Some of you may already know this, but I just discovered it today and thought I’d share it here…

A while back when I was removing my radiator, I had to remove a few of the plastic body rivets, but it’s difficult to remove these without damaging them. Then I remembered that they’re removable, and that’s why the shoulder has the two 180* indents. so I started to modify an old pair of pliers, but I recalled there was a cheap pair of pliers in the factory tool kit (which is pretty much useless otherwise). So I dug those out, and sure enough… they’re grooved on the ends of the jaws, to grab the plastic rivet head. And… the indents on the rivet head are just a tad wider than the jaws, to accommodate the thickness of the plier jaws.

Here’s the pliers that came in the cheesy Polaris tool kit. Turns out, that kit isn’t totally useless after all. So, dig out your tool kit and put the pliers to good use, when removing the fender flares and front nose. I talked to several people I know that own a RZR, and none of them were aware that these pliers were made for this.

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