So…… to be specific here I was first and foremost an ASE certified master tech, I took extreme issue in the fact that we were compensated based on how fast we could do something….not in how well. And specifically here, obviously you cannot take longer than needed to repair something right? The thing is….I can assume based on experience…..and skip the other stuff that could possibly be wrong right? Well I for one do not work on my own stuff that way, nor do I suspect that you would wish to pay me to do so……

And here I could tell you a lot of sob stories about trying to adapt to that….

But as this is a power sports forum, and I am specifically claiming to have industry experience….

I worked for Weller Recreation in Kamas Utah….for a very brief time (thank GOD from a tech standpoint!)

I personally feel that this is a well known dealership, and that they wouldnt be happy with this post, but I honestly dont care as I am no longer even close to being in their field.

I do admit that they have a good repair rate….knowledgable ALL of that….if I actually had to go to a dealer, and luckily I dont, I would go to them for service.

However, Mike Weller is a f#$%king a!#hole to his employees, I should have told him that to his face….but he was my boss and I didnt know the industry well (pro tip toys are way less complicated than cars….but it still takes hands on experience to do it properly as you well know) and at the time I just took it. Ill even go so far as to…you probably wont even remember some artic cat snowmobile speedometer that I 100 percent know wasnt fixed right, but I told you was because I just couldnt be bothered to deal with you anymore….. Anyways I hope that with the move to the new location….and some years between that you have learned to treat people with some modicum of decency as….

Also….you really should compensate Calicchio better as unless something drastically changed since my time there…. HE IS your service department, and the heart of your dealership.

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