My wife and I are considering moving to Colorado and would like opinions from others on where to move.
A bit of history. We’ve lived in Atlanta for 30 years. Both of us are very warm natured and hate the 95+ degree summers with 100% humidity, Summer seems to last for 6+ months here, the spring and fall are almost non-existent. Second, although we live an hour from downtown, with 6.5million people here there is always heavy traffic even this far out and too many people everywhere.
Third, my wife and I took a motorcycle trip through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming 10years ago a fell in love with the areas outside of Denver all the Atv trails, jeeps with kayaks or mountain bikes, scenic views, parks, hiking, etc. hooked us. Denver’s recent dramatic increase in crime, influx people and property costs had us looking other areas (Oregon, Washington, Utah)

Recently is was watching some Jeep videos of Colorado and it reminded how scenic it is and I starting thinking if we lived far enough away from Denver maybe the recent rise in crime, population growth, etc would not be an issue. What do you think?

Assuming you agree, I need more advise. Coming from Georgia we have no idea on the ideal location to look at.

1) Below is our wish list for our dream location in order of preference.
High speed Internet (seems crazy that this is our top requirement but it is. don’t want anything like HughesNet Satellite internet or Dial up. Needs to be dsl or cable)
2) Ride RZR from the house to trails (don’t mind driving on the pavement for short distance as long as the local police are not likely to write a ticket for it)
3) 30min drive or less grocery store, hardware store, auto parts, and couple of restaurants
4) Property Far enough outside of town to shoot steel targets w/22lr or 9mm legally and not upset neighbors.
5) House with a view of a lake or river
6) Within 2 hrs drive to medium or large city for medical visits (wife needs to see multiple specialists every 4 weeks)
7) view of or living in the mountains
8) Ride snowmobile from house to trials (don’t own one today, but have rented them many times and could see myself owning one if I had a place to ride within a reasonable drive)
9) House with boat dock on a body of water large enough for a powerboat

Not opposed to buying 5-50 acres of land and building a house

Short term it would be ideal to be 1-2hrs from Denver as I likely will have to drive there once or twice a week for a couple of years

Thanks in advance for your time and opinions

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