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Are you sick of constantly cleaning out or replacing your stock paper air filter? Are you tired of the obnoxious noise that comes from your stock intake? Do you want the best performance out of you 2015-16 900 RZR? We have got the cure for all of these issues.

The SLP Super Silent™ Intake Kit substantially reduces the intake sound level across the entire throttle range and is most noticeable at higher throttle positions where the stock intake becomes annoyingly loud. It draws its airflow from a high location that is away from the dirt, dust and mud. Combined with the SLP pre-filter cover included in the kit, this extends the service life of the stock air filter element substantially. The intake charge from this area is also colder, which produces more horsepower. Combine with our Super Silent™ Muffler for the ultimate “Quiet” ride. Tire noise and wind become the dominant sound.

Super Silent™ Intake Kit

Shipping will begin within a few days

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