First off, we would like to apologize for the hiatus, but we can assure you we are back and ready to continue to lend our industry expertise and knowledge to our fellow forum member’s while offering you guys some exclusive deals throughout the future.

Next, a big topic to point out is our coupon code of “RZRFORUM”. This code is no longer valid. When this coupon code was created is was to be for RZRFORUM members only. As you can imagine it spread like crazy all over the internet and anyone and everyone was using the code and not even a part of this amazing forum. With that said we have decided to cut off the code. To get the RZR Forum discount now you will need to private message us for quotes and we will gladly get you fixed up.

Here at SuperATV we believe in building relationships with our fellow enthusiasts and customers and want to continue to do that with all of you.


Utah RZR Rentals