Ok so long story short i went to St. Helen for the first time and it was an awesome time but i need to figure out what to set my shocks at because i’m going back up. I’m a Pennsylvania guy so our average group ride speed is 15mph. Up there we were doing 70 at some points and averaged 45-50. Going over the whoops at 60 plus the first night was really bad for me. I have never touched the suspension before but i ended up changing the fronts and rears and it was a bit better but i want to know from you guys who ride these trails all the time. Extremely fast sand trail riding what should my fox shocks be set at? Stiff or soft front and stiff or soft rear. I’m a suspension noob and i’m not th brightest when it comes to that stuff so i would appreciate an easy answer like ” Hey i ride these types of trails extremely fast all the time and you need to set your fronts 3 clicks from stiff and rears 3 clicks from soft.

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