I have the air ride technologies SHOCKWAVE TQ3 series.My question is it has adjustments upper and lower on the shock its self and then also on the reservoirs and id like to know if anyone has these or knows about all the settings. Ive contacted air ride technologies but each of the 2 people ive spoke to are flakey and acted as thougj they had no idea what i had one even had asked for pics i sent months ago and have heard nothing.

I have had some serious back surgeries and the selling point on this 09 800cc S model was the suspension id just like to know how to properly dial it in or adjust for different conditions. Its like a cloud though very comfortable and amazing all around just wish the customer service matched the manufacturer and ride qualities so i could get informed on exactly what each thing does.

Btw anyone in the Sullivan indiana area own a 2009 rzr 800 S liquid silver with 2 Brothers triple exhaust and the air ride on it ive had it 2yrs now and thats the area i bought it from and the kid said he’d bought it local and it was street legal (lucky guys in indiana illinois dont allow that).Figured someone spent some serious money on the exhaust and air ride and id like to know its history.Thanks

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