Sorry for double post in other Forum section.

So, after deliberating about re-spring/re-valving stock Fox IBP’s, or just buying a complete set of shocks with all the upgraded goodies, I ended up buying new shocks. Fox Podium RC2 IBP’s (newest variant).

Because this shock is so new, I can’t find much info about them other than standard marketing gibberish. It seems to me that they are effectively a high end version of the stock Fox IBP’s that come on the turbo, in my case a turbo 4seater. They have Kashima coated aluminum body, alum. bypass tubes & resi’s, high flow piston, improved valving, hardened shafts, etc. And are reportedly 20lbs lighter than the steel bodied version. Any suspension guru’s on here that can confirm this? I won’t receive them from Fox for about 2-3 weeks.

Also, because the “original” RC2’s are non IBP, how do they work compared to an IBP? Strictly valving and oil weight? Just curious.

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