So, we too get frustrated when vendors jump in on others discussions and we’ve been guilty of it too. We have had great success lately locally as well as Forum members so we decided to post some updates as well as options in the market when it comes to Spring upgrades and shock modifications.

We offer an awesome, comprehensive and affordable package for the XP1000, XP41000 and XPT with Walker Evans shocks. Full dual rate setup (8) Race inspired – MADE IN USA springs and crossovers, we replace the front OEM cast spring retainer/perch with a billet clip to allow a longer main spring and the ability to install/remove springs for service WITHOUT the need for spring compressors. (We have found that others use springs that are way too soft and way too long. They compress the whole stack on the shock to gain the necessary preload to give the car its ride height, giving the car a plush ride through the small stuff but in our opinion gives the car a bouncy feel and not enough bottoming resistance if you actually push the car) We instead use a custom progressive rate tender to give the plush AND the extreme bottoming resistance to soak up whoops, G-Outs and jumps. We then completely go through the entire shock. We replace the OEM piston with a CNC machined High-Flow piston for more better oil flow. We revalve to suit your style, replace all seals, o-rings, oil, nitrogen etc. This gives you the ground clearance, plush ride in the chop and awesome bottoming resistance that you are looking for. You will have a very large range of adjustability for added cargo or passengers and will now have the oil flow to make the clickers much more effective for different terrain.

We also offer Spring kits for those that are not looking for the full setup. This will still give you the ground clearance, much improved ride quality, bottoming resistance with dual rate setup etc. for a more affordable approach. These setups are always compatible with our internal modifications at a later time so money isn’t wasted on a whole new setup. Our springs are all powder coated gloss black to flow with all colors and we will powder coat to match your car on request.

We offer a great 7-way adjustable rear torsion bar (not the junk twisty automotive style that breaks your frame and isn’t as effective) These allow much better control when one wheel is traveling opposite the other in comparison to the others. Much better body roll control in the turns and more adjustability from rock crawling to short course. We offer all Walker Evans products, ZBROZ products as well as rebuild engines, transmissions and front differentials in the RZR 900 and 1000.

I apologize, our website ( is still under construction but you can still PM, email [email protected], call or text 760-774-3955. Look us up on instagram and Facebook. And to all of those Forum Members that have had us work on their shocks, please leave us some feedback!

Thanks to all of our supporters and happy trails from RED DOG!!

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