Hi Guys, I didn’t want to hijack any current posts on suspension topics. I just want to introduce our company and services. I personally owned an overall Powersports company for around 10 years, complete from Watercraft to UTVs. I have now narrowed focus down to UTV’s and even more so, Suspension and engine work. After extensive work, we have a comprehensive setup for the XP1000 2 and 4 seat versions with Walker Evans shocks as well as a spring kits for most models including the Fox editions.
We do complete revalving, respring, CNC “gold” pistons, crossovers, etc. I replace the stock front srping retainer with a custom billet piece and fully tailor the suspension to you. We offer this setup at a very affordable price and guarantee you will love the ground clearance, ride quality and handling from trail riding to full race. We offer all of ZBROZ products, like their awesome 7-way adjustable “torsion” sway bar (not the automotive style sway bar), A-arms, trailing arms, radius rods, etc. I don’t have a full website created as of yet but you can PM and I will get back ASAP and we can talk shop. Thanks for stopping by.

Utah RZR Rentals