Hey everyone I am a member her In the 570 group. Not loooking for negative comments about the 570 but some help with suspension. I have the super atv forward a arms 2″ wheel spacers ITP ultra cross tires set at 8-10psi in front and 10-12 psi in rear. I also have the bandit trail series shocks and have replaced all my front a-arm bushing with garage products stuff. I haven’t don’t much riding this past year. So this weekend went to NH Berling area and put about 200 miles on it. All in all not bad but here’s were I need help on the loose dirt roads and some whoops felt great on street felt good on large gravel rds or hard packed roads with rocks sticking up like turtle shells it felt harsh kinda bumpy or like pogo stick. The shocks are not leaking or broken. I have about inch or so of preload in front and about 1.5-2″ preload in rear. I have adjusted the rebound adjuster on bottom but think might be wrong. So how do you adjust rebound correctly and any other ideas I should think about. Plan on checking it out for loose stuff too.
Thanx for any help

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