No Recalled RZRs Here at Rocketman Rentals

Our RZRs are Absolutely NOT Part of the DO NOT SELL, DO NOT DRIVE RECALL ORDER!

But, we checked all of our VINs anyways, just to be sure… ūüôā

April 27, 2016

There’s a whole lot of confusion going around about the MASSIVE Nationwide DO NOT DRIVE! DO NOT SELL! Recall Order issued by Polaris for RZR 900s and 1000s that applies to some 2013 to 2016 Polaris RZRs.

the recall does not¬†apply to Rocketman’s¬†2016 TURBO RZR’s

You can read all about the recall here, on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

When we first learned about the recall, we were quite concerned, as we had just filled our fleet with brand new 2016 TURBO RZRs.. You can imagine how pleased we were to read through the entire recall and find that the recall doesn’t apply to our beloved TURBO RZRs.. Boy are we glad that we have the real-deal turbos…

Even still, being concerned for your safety, we checked each and every VIN in our fleet anyway. And guess what we learned… not a single VIN from our fleet is part of that recall. Nope, not a single RZR in the Rocketman Rentals fleet. None has been recalled for being at risk of burning up like you see in the picture to the right… (that’s a pretty nasty picture isn’t it?)

Our¬†RZR’s have been issued a clean bill of health. ¬†ūüôā

Now, we know that there are a few other smaller UTV rental companies around that are trying to get by, and we wish them well — and hope this information finds them.. and some a tiny bit larger in other¬†states — shame on those¬†Utahns that drift across the lines to rent.. remember to shop local folks ūüôā … nevertheless, we hope this information finds them to.. specifically, the information on how you the renter, and they the rental company can easily check to see if the RZR that they are trying to rent you is part of the massive RZR Recall problem that has dealers, and repair shops scrambling to figure out what they’re gonna do.

So… IF you own, rent, plan to rent, lease out, etc… whatever..¬†ay 2013 to 2016 Polaris RZRs, please, please, please, the entire Rocketman UTV Rentals team¬†implores you to check your VINs against the Polaris Recall Databases..¬†It’s amazingly simple to do so, just click the appropriate link below, and follow the super simple, and plainly obvious instructions, and voila… presto.. recalled or not recalled at least you will know… and then you can take the proper action to get your RZR¬†back into Safe non-flaming drive-able mode again..

So here they are folks, the links to the Polaris Recall VIN Check webpages:

A few¬†thoughts about UTV Rentals and RZR Rental Companies…

If you are not sure if the RZR that you are about to rent is part of the recall nightmare (or if it has already been fixed — yay!), or just simply want peace of mind.. ask the rental company to¬†allow¬†you to look up the VIN¬†number of the exact machine that you will be renting before you sign for anything when you go to pick up your RZR UTV Rental.

Bear in mind, that the RZR Rental Company may not be able to provide you with the exact VIN number over the phone, when you first call to make the reservation. This could be for a number of reasons, like these…

  • They simply have too many RZRs to know exactly which RZR will be allocated for your rental period when the date and time actually arrives.
  • The UTV¬†that was originally allocated for your rental reservation, might be returned late, or even damaged, and the UTV rental company might need to reallocate a different RZR to you.
  • Maybe the phones are forwarded to an employees cell phone, and said employee is out for a nice stroll around a park in his running gear with his golden retriever named Buck or his little chihuahua Mitsy;
  • or perhaps the phones forward to a call center for after hours support… and they simply don’t have access to that sort of information.
  • or other things that we didn’t think of … kind of running out of ideas here.. send me some suggestions, and I’ll add them — if their good, and clean¬†that is… ¬† ūüėČ

Until then,

Get out there and HAVE SOME TURBO FUN!

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Make absolutely sure the RZR you are getting into is not under the DO NOT DRIVE, DO NOT SELL recall ORDER!

Still have questions?

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7/25/2016 7:00:00 PM

Polaris¬ģ Industries Voluntarily Issues Stop-Ride/Stop Sale Advisory For MY2016 RZR Turbo Off-Road Vehicles

More information:

As always, before you rent, ride, or buy any RZR.. check the VIN to see if it is under a recall.