I have ’12 JK. 3.5″ Rock Krawler, Fox 2.0 by-pass shocks 37X13.50’s. This Jeep was built to cruise the beach with some boards on the roof when we lived in FL, and performed flawless.

Now living in AZ and it needs to perform some new duties. It needs to pull our XP4 around N Phoenix, and get us to Flagstaff a few times a week once winter hits.

Its does not like hills, and it rides rough as hell out here. I have read the performance mods are useless unless high in the RPM range, so that leaves me to changing the gears (have the stock 3.73’s) and I am wondering about shocks.

What would be a decent gear, anyone have experience with this? And can someone tell me about coil-overs. There are now multiple bolt in coil-over kits for these things that were not available back in ’11 when it was built, and I really have no idea the main reason for them as they were not even on the table at the time. The Jeep is a mall-crawler so I don’t care about off-road ability. (I might drive to crown king one day, but that would be the extent of it) What I am looking for is better ride quality going down the road.


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