Hello All,

I just purchased a new trailer for the purpose of hauling my new 17 RZR and possibly a 4-wheeler around. I got a PJ 8314 and so far it is working really well. I just got the trailer and it hasn’t seen any rain yet and not very much sun. Before things get too extreme I would like to put some sort of coating on the wooden deck before it is too late. I have heard many ideas about coatings for trailer decks. From deck polyurethane to mixing diesel and oil. On our family farm we have used the diesel/oil 50/50 mix and it worked well. Before I go and do it to mine I just wanted to see if anybody had any ideas. I know there are forum posts like this all the time. Just wanted to start a new one to see what answers I can get.

This video is similar to what I did before,

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