When I bought my first toyhauler in 2006 I paid about $350 for a cover that was supposed to last (lots of money back then). It only lasted about 2 years and started wearing out and tearing. It was really a piece of junk. Now that I bought my first 5th wheel toyhauler I want to keep it in pristine condition so I am looking for another cover. I have looked a tons of YouTube posts on covers but all they are is reviews for a year or so ago and hardly any videos of people who have had their for years and like them. Who out there has had one on their RV or Toyhauler for years and it is lasting? All covers will last a year. I want to know of someone who has had their for years and are satisfied with it. After all it will cost between $400 and $1000 for one and I don’t want to buy another one after two or three years.

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