Hello Everyone,

Tribal Whips loves to help people in need, when we can, and in every case it’s been someone we didn’t know, mostly military veterans. Today is different, though. Someone close to me has been battling different forms of cancer for the past few years, and she’s been successful at beating them all, but her medical bills have really piled up and she needs help.

To help Cheryl cover some of her medical bills, we’ve created a couple of ebay listings for our new 3D GEM Series LED lighted whips. When you purchase them, all proceeds will immediately be directed to her PayPal account. This is a win, win for all. You get some great LED lighted whips, and Cheryl gets some much needed help.

Thanks to everyone for reading and support. I love this community and it’s unity.

A go fund me account was setup as well… https://www.gofundme.com/ae7re-help-…er-kick-cancer

eBay listing for 4 ft. 3D GEM Series LED whips, Pair

eBay listing for 6 ft. 3D GEM Series LED whips, Pair

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