August 12, 2016

Tribal Whips New Product Release

Aurora 3D LED Multi-Color and Animated Lighted Whips.

Tribal Whips announces it’s releasing what they believe is the best whip they’ve ever produced… Aurora 3D! It’s hard to describe the look and feel in words or even pictures, but when you see one close up and have the chance to hold it, you instantly notice the attention to detail, the quality and the craftsmanship. It has 50% more LEDs than the standard Aurora whips, and is visible for 360 degrees. The words that come to mind are; Amazing and Beautiful.

Like the rest of Tribal Whips lighted whips, the Aurora 3D series is rugged, dependable and environmentally sealed so that dirt, mud, water, and everything else doesn’t get inside the whip.

Tribal Whips guarantees that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the Aurora 3D, or they’ll refund your money. (Contact one of their friendly customer service representatives for details.)

Aurora Multi-Color, Animated LED whip

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