Hey Everyone,

One of our internet dealers has inventory of our NEW GEM Series 3D LED Lighted Whips for sale, and we wanted to share they’re offer with you. The new GEM Series is an amazingly bright and strong whip, we believe the best thing available. They’re made with the new XD tubes, which will support 3′ x 5′ flags at high speeds. They provide the best 360 degree light output and protect the LEDs better than any other design.

4 ft. Pair https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-ft-GEM-Se…a/273068403643

Below is information about the GEM Series LED lighted whips.

Tribal Whips recently launched a new series of LED lighted whips, like no other… the GEM Series 3D. These are the brightest static and single color LED whips available and they offer a true 360 degree light output.

The GEM Series whips include our proprietary quick connect / disconnect mount… whips install / uninstall within seconds, and without the use of tools.

They’re available in Solid Blue, Red, Green, White, Amber, and Red/White/Blue. Please note that the Red/White/Blue whips are made with 3 vertically mounted LED strings, one in each color.

GEM Series LED whips are available in 3 different tube sizes… Standard (flexible, and strong 0.700″ O.D.), XD (Stiff, can support 3′ x 5′ flags, 7/8″ O.D.), XXD (Really STIFF!, 1″ O.D.).

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