Lately I’ve seen more and more discussions about how to mount iPad’s and Tablets, and also a few on which GPS is best.

I recently purchased an iPad / Tablet mount from and can’t be happier with how easy it is to use and install. It’s not expensive, and it allows me to use my iPad as a GPS, and controls many of my bluetooth devices.

It’s a BYOC (Bring Your Own Case) model, but I found a nice waterproof case on Amazon for under $20.

One thing they don’t mention on their website, but I found out for myself, is that because of the way the iPads mount, you can use the camera to record your trips… it was cool.

I spoke with the owner today, and mentioned that I was going to post a brief review, and he wanted me to pass along that he expects to have more fresh off the CNC on Friday. You can order them, but they won’t ship until next week.

I’ve attached some images from their website… they’re from his prototype. The actual units look much nicer, I’ll take some pics from my vehicle later and upload them if anyone wants to see.

RZR iPad and Tablet Mount

Attached Thumbnails




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