Phew, what an intense 30 minutes! So we’re not here to blow you out with useless information like other sites so here’s the important details:

-Same gearing as the manual

-Different colors/styles specific to the SS

-SE Model comes with new Fox shocks that seem to be pretty awesome

-Launch control, full throttle upshifts, automatic downshifting

-No chassis or engine changes

-Possible lower gear ratio machine coming, just not yet

-No turbo, no supercharger……….yet


5 speed sport shift, same engine, same chassis, launch control, full throttle upshifts!!!!




12:00 noon

SS NAME!!! Stands for SPORT SHIFT!!

11:41 (19 mins until liftoff!)

-Rumors are: 5 seater, paddle shift, supercharged, automatic transmission (we’ve predicted paddle shifted solenoid actuated manual with solenoid actuated clutch), longer wheelbase….

The day is here everyone! We’ll be updating this page as information comes available..