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Back in November we brought you a leaked SnapChat photo of what appeared to be the new Polaris RS1!

At this point in time pretty much no one saw this machine coming. With the Can-Am X3 lineup getting wider than ever many people figured Polaris R&D would be focused on a X3 competitor and they very well may still be doing that.

But they’re creating a niche of their own with the new 100% 1 seat 100% badass Polaris RZR RS1!

So here she is, in all her glory!

If you’re in a hurry, here’s what you need to know:

It’s a single seat Xp1000.

Ok, so if you’re NOT in a hurry here’s what we can see from the photos and we’ll use our best guess on the rest:

ENGINE/TRANS: 1000cc Pro-star pulled directly from the XP1000 slightly detuned to 100hp. Maybe 110hp. The transmission will be the same transaxle found in the XP1000.

SUSPENSION: Walker Evans dual rates front and rear, dual front a-arm with 16″ of travel, 3-link rear with trailing arms and 16″ of travel. Ground clearance will come in at the normal 13-14″ and width will be 60 inches.

INTERIOR: Left side door for vehicle entry/exit with fixed right side for controls (yes, there’s no door on the right!), new digital gauge cluster, and new lowered and reclined seating position compared to the XP1000.

MISC: 29″ Bighorn tires on 14″ Polaris wheels, snorkled CVT and engine intakes, high/low range transmission with Polaris AWD, and rear mounted radiator above cargo area.

DRIVING EXPERIENCE: Yes, we’ve talked to people who drove them. Here’s what they had to say:

“…I test drove this machine back in April/ May as part of a consumer test group, where we were paid to drive this machine, and it was AWESOME! Handled like a sports car on rails…. It accelerated harder and faster than a rzr, it took corners flatter and faster, and it was smoother over almost everything.”

“….We were railing the corners, foot in the floor in 4wd and the car would rail the corners like a champ. Drove a 2 seat XP1k right after and It felt very tippy and did not inspire confidence in driving….”

So if the testers are to be believed, this thing should be an absolute riot to drive!

Polaris is set to reveal this machine to the masses on Feb 1st 2018, so we will soon get to know what it’s all about!

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