Well lookie at what Todd Romano (RG’s partner in crime at Speed Energy and founder of Dragonfire Racing!) just posted to instagram:

What you’re seeing there is what we assume to be the new Arctic Cat Wildcat XX all primed up for the Baja 1000…..


First, boxed control arms. Heavy duty, probably not OEM spec but they look good.

Second, huge width! Again, probably Baja 1000 spec but this could be the first hint that AC is willing to go beyond 64″ like the Maverick X3 did.

Third, a grill design that’s aligned with the newer front ends on the new Arctic Cat Prowler and HDX.


With the Baja 1000 being so soon we’re patiently for more pictures of this monster!

Until then, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Youtube channel!