SO I have been looking at new RZR models for a long time and decided to put it off because I knew I would be renting an RZR 4 to see how I liked it. I was originally thinking 2 seater but the 4 never felt too big when I drove it in Maui. The 4 lets me take the GF, daughter and dog too. I was thinking of getting the new 2019 turbo 4 but I have a few questions. I don’t want the new S model. Too much money and the width would limit my toy hauler options. The fox and dynamix models are more than I want to spend. Is the stock turbo suspension okay? What about the ride command? Is that an important option to get? I was thinking not for the price but that’s my newbie take away. What items do I need to get right away? Any OEM Polaris options good that can be negotiated into the price or just go aftermarket? I was thinking door lowers, skidplate, winch roof and stereo should all be budgeted

I think all the 2018’s are gone in my area but should I get a 2019 or look hard for a 2018? The new styling and dash seems like it has really messed up the options for things like stereos, bumpers, etc…. I like the look of the 2019.

I would like to be able to do the sand dunes, dessert running, rock crawing, moab… I’m in California and all of these are within a days drive.