Well, that’s all folks! Looks like a good machine and we certainly would love to see further comparison between the XX and others.

UPDATE 10:31: 

125 na HP, 18″ travel front and rear, 30″ tires

UPDATE 10:30: shots fired!

UPDATE 10:28:

FINALLY!! Looks pretty much exactly like we saw it a year ago..

UPDATE 10:26: Ok finally onto the side by sides..

UPDATE: 10:20: Snowmobile chatter… looks like a cool unit but lets go ahead and show the Wildcat already..

UPDATE 10:07: currently just chatting about new Textron products… BRING ON THE WILDCAT

Tonight on 2/25/18 Textron is doing their dealer reveal for the 2018/2019 model year and we’re hoping the new Wildcat comes out. Stay tuned for updates as they roll in LIVE!