We’ve all seen this by now:

And as usual, Can Am comes out of no where with another new machine.

Which would be true, unless you haven’t read our article from back in February where we predicted and then speculated on this exact machine. You can read that here:


Maybe we’re great at speculating, maybe we got someone on the inside. You (and BRP) will never know. Sorry!

What you do need to know is this:

  • We think the name doesn’t imply much more than “3rd Generation Maverick.” As much as we’d love for BRP to channel their inner Gordon Murray and make a McLaren F1 inspired seating layout, it’s just not happening. Though, there may be a sleeved down 3 cylinder in Can Am’s arsenal that they could use to power this monster. I guess we’ll see!
  • All new chassis from the ground up. Wildcat-like seating position. Great ergonomics. And the fit and finish we’ve grown accustom to from the recent Can Am products. Expect that at a minimum!
  • More power, but less than we speculated for the new XP Turbo so imagine somewhere between their current 131hp and 165hp. They won’t be a power leader, but it might not matter if they can keep the weight low. We fully expect it to outrun any of the current machines.
  • Wicked styling. Absolutely wicked. It will still have the Maverick cues but with the badass turned up to 11.


So that’s it for now. Don’t expect much more than a peep from Can Am until this machine is ready. They’re tight lipped and incredibly sensitive on what info they give out to who.

Until then, stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest info, our YouTube Channel to watch us make asses of ourselves, and our new Instagram page to see where were riding and what we’re doing.