Hey guys,

I have a 2017 XP 1000 Velocity Blue Ride Command with Thunderhawk receiver (two piece style built for using with Polaris bumper) on 30 inch dunlop mud rover tires. Everyone with towing receivers, what type of hitch are you using? Straight or two inch drop? I will just be doing light duty towing and maybe use an attachment for making a rear recovery point (hook style hitch insert). I may even go with some other type of hitch, if you guys have any cool ideas. Let me know what you guys have!

From the bottom of the hole in the receiver where the hitch slides in, the height is 15.5 inches. I know this decision is mainly based on trailer height, but what would you guys consider a good “general duty” hitch height? Perhaps a combo hitch with a hook and ball?

Any input is appreciated! Don’t forget my XP 1000 enclosure thread below. Any information on the best options for enclosures for our XP 1000s would be greatly appreciated.

I hate creating two threads so close together but I am in dire need of this information, as winter is coming and I will need to work with my RZR.

Thanks guys!