This is a weld it yourself kit that uses all six factory
mounting locations. All tubing comes to you pre-
coped and all major tube junctions are keyed so
you cannot get it wrong.

The first thing we’ll mention here is safety.
We only produce our cage in a 1.75” OD x .120”
wall thickness. Some of you will immediately
say this is too heavy, but it is a well spent 12 lbs.
Other companies make their cages from as light
as .065” wall and we would never
accept a cage that weak.

We don’t cut corners in any area, especially safety.
This is meant to save your life.

Some people think a cage’s strength should be based on
the weight of the vehicle, we think a cage’s strength
should be based on the potential speed and momentum
the vehicle may allow. Impact force is the key here.
If you are only going 30 mph you may not need the
cage that you would going 80 mph.

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Ships truck freight on a small pallet