UTV INC is happy to announce we are now offering USPS FIRST CLASS shipping. Items under 1lb and that can fit in the standard 8x10x1 mailer will be able to ship via this service. Pricing is drastically cheaper vs Priority mail, so that single switch, the key fob, the smaller aluminum items, etc. will significantly cheaper moving forward. Shipping as low as $2.00 in some cases! The map below shows the business days in transit from our facility to you. You can pretty much assume it will be to you in 3 business days from our facility. This is not the service for those who need items right now, tomorrow or are in any sort of a rush. Please use USPS PRIORITY or UPS options for that instance. If you are trying to purchase an item and believe it meets the FIRST CLASS category (no taller than 1″ at the smallest side and under 1LB total shipping weight) and it is not showing up on the website, please contact us and we will look into it.

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