I ordered a cage from utv Speed inc about a month ago. I was told it was getting shipped out in 2 1/2 weeks. When the time came for it to ship I tried getting ahold of them multiple times till finally I had to message them on Instagram to give me a call. They called and apologized for it and also told me that the cage was headed to powder on Saturday and it would be shipped out on Tuesday-Wednesday. I then tried getting ahold of them to see if it shipped Wednesday evening but couldn’t get ahold of them so I had to turn to Instagram again and left voicemails till finally some one called me the next day just to tell me it didn’t ship it’s actually sitting in the shop waiting for powder still. I don’t mind waiting what I mind is the lack of communication and the run around I keep getting. When I was inquiring about buying a cage they called me with in hours every time I called or had a question. The customer service was great right up till I handed over the cash. I even started to think that maybe it was all a scam for a bit when I couldn’t get ahold of them. This is very discouraging and if it doesn’t ship this week like they said it would again I will be asking for my money back. I’ve ordered cages before from another company and the customer service was great I never had this problem. I went with utv Speed inc because I liked their cage style. Am I over reacting or am I right to be a little upset? What are your thoughts?

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