Ok so here’s my review on the product:
Looks great and I’m sure it will function great once I figure out how to put it together. No instructions, clips don’t line up right with where (I think) they need to go. Rear plate is bent at an improper angle for the two pins to go into the holes in the plastic on top of the factory rear of the bed. Due to this, nothing is lining up properly. Either have to figure out bending it or something, I have a good 3/4″ gap where the tubes from the hitch mount to the spare tire mount. Also have to make a trip to Lowes to get longer bolts and I may as well buy nuts and washers while I’m at it and say screw the clips. I know it will be strong when I’m done, just wish it came with instructions, no need for parts store runs, and better fitment out of the box. This is my first product from UTV giant that I’ve been upset about.

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