Hello guys, While new to the RZR world, I am not new to off roading and trail riding. I just purchased a 2017 1000S and would like some input on what you think I should do. I have read so many threads and still struggle trying to understand the CVT & clutch. The first thing I did was make my RZR street legal and it’s currently tagged. I drive the RZR more than my 4runner in the warm months and average around 45-50 mph going to the grocery store etc and sometimes hit 70mph or so. I’ve got some loud, no.. annoyingly loud, Dirt Commander tires on the RZR right now and I’m going to install 30″ AT type tires, perhaps BFG.

The questions I have regarding supporting modifications is: with me doing 70% of my riding on pavement /gravel roads at 50mph and the other on slow moving tight Tennessee trails, what should I do to make the RZR handle the 30s easier, drop belt temps and reduce slippage. I am well aware that bigger tires cause more wear on the machines components but would like to reduce this as much as possible. Is anything absolutely necessary for me to run 30x10s?

Thanks for your help.

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