I’ve seen quite a few posts about tire sizing and people asking what measures true to size, and what doesn’t, and one thing that drives me insane is how tire companies can’t seem to make a tire it’s actual size in the SXS world especially. so I thought it might be a useful idea to start a thread where people can actually give the real world measurements of their mounted tires.

So I ask you guys, if you would, grab a tape measure, and measure the actual height of your tires, from the ground, to the top of the tread. Let us know how worn they are when you take (or took) the measurement, please be as accurate as possible, and let you know the Make, Model, full tire size, wheel size (including width if you know it), and pressure you have them at.

If you guys will do that, I’ll keep updating this first post and use it as an organized data base that’s easy to find in, so nobody has to dig through however many pages of posts this could turn into.

Seems like a useful & helpful idea right?

32x10x14 Pro Armor Crawler XG’s, 14 x 7 wheels, 10 psi, measured 30.75″ @ 100% tread

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