This past weekend we finally got out to our playground in northern Nevada to put some miles on the new tires and wheels. I bought 4 Arisun Aftershock XDs in 10×30-14 after months of researching tires,, tire weights, etc.

I also bought 4 Method 401 Beadlocks, 14×7 in 4+3 backspacing, in the titanium finish. I’ve run wheels as large as 8 wide 4+4 in the front and 10 wide 5+5 in the rear, with no problems, so these sizes didn’t bother me.

The purpose of this deal was to get a better built tire than the bighorn, but one that would perform as well in the sand is the Bighorn, and better than it in other conditions.
We run dunes, high desert mountain trails that are in pretty deteriorated shape. The Aftershocks are 8 ply belted tires and only weigh a few pounds more than the Bighorns, which was a concern to me. I didn’t want the unsprung weight of a 40 or more pound tire on my car, I just had Ed at Pound Sand rework my shocks and wasn’t looking to ruin that set up.

We put about 180 miles on the car in 3 days, two 80 plus mile round trips out in the mountains and high desert, and the rest in sand. I drove at speeds from a crawl to sustained 60 MPH across “roads”.

I believe these tires are going to work well for me. At 8 PSI, which is the suggested number for general use, they do great out on the trails, and hook up very well, on every surface we encountered, and feel very stable at speed. I bled them down to 6.5 PSI in the sand, and could go anywhere I went with the Bighorns.

The Methods look great on my car, and went together easily. In short, I think the $ I spent with Discount Tire Direct was on target, and would suggest these tires and wheels to anyone looking to spend less time plugging Bighorns and wanting a tire/wheel combo that is different, looks different, but won’t rob power, suspension settings, etc. My car is clutched for paddles, and I think there isn’t enough difference to warrant going into the clutch again.

Here is a pic..


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