I just got some Method 403’s for my 2015 XP 4 1000. I would love to use the stock lug nuts if they came in Black. (If anyone knows of that please let me know.) Anyway, I have the Gorilla brand steel black lug nuts that are a small diameter to fit in the wheel. They are the splined type and I am concerned with the lug key holding up to the 120 ft/lb torque required of them. It seems most “normal lugs” (17mm/19mm etc.) are too wide for a slim design and we are left with the splined ones to choose from. I started to look at some extended lugs that would protrude further out than the wheel that you could get a standard wrench on, but most are made of aluminum and I am concerned about their strength. Has anyone come up with a good steel black lug nut option that uses standard wrenches?


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