So we all seem to make it known when things go sour with a vendor, I thought it only right to post up when things go right.
About a month or so ago I got serious about looking for some new rubber to replace the Bighorns as my all purpose tires on the XP1K. I decided as well that I wanted new wheels.
I am not a rich guy, so dropping this kind of money is a big step, and I could not afford to make a mistake. I started a PM conversation with Don who is the Discount Tire Direct guy here.
I asked a lot of questions.
A lot.
It is my nature. Knowing I couldn’t afford to screw up, I spent an honest month researching, and then came back to Don with….more questions. Having picked his brain I felt it only right to give him a chance at the deal and he came in under the numbers I had gotten from other sources.
Actually, one other source.
I posted a thread asking for quotes, and Discount Tire Direct was the only Vendor to even bother to PM me with a quote.
They got my money.
By the time I got off the phone with Don it was like we were old friends.
The wheels and tires arrived yesterday. I was stoked.
The wheels are bead locks, so I started the process of assembling them, and got one ready to install, when I noticed a problem with the lug nuts that were shipped.
They were the wrong ones.
I sent Discount Tire Direct a PM late last night, and it was answered within 2 hours during business hours today. Matt picked up the ball, apologized profusely and has sent me the right lugs 2nd day air, at no charge, so that our long planned weekend isn’t lost.
In his PM he thanked me for, ” letting them make this right, and spending my $ with Discount Tire Direct”. He said. “we know you have lots of options when it comes to these products, thanks for shopping with us. You spent a lot of $ with us, we want you to be satisfied.”
Everyone makes mistakes.
It is how they are handled that defines a business.
I have never written a thread like this, but when people do the right thing it needs to be documented.
I feel pretty confident saying you wont go wrong dealing with these people. They take customer service seriously.

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