I’ve read threads and reviews to the point of overload haven’t seen my specific question so I will ask it here.

We have a ’14 XP1K 2 seater. We seem to be riding more and more desert trails and roads, but we also run dunes from the same camping area. The Bighorns are a compromise in the sand I know. I have paddles mounted and if I know we are staying in sand or going on a sand only weekend I bolt them on.

I am looking for something a bit stouter than the Bighorn, something like the Tensors, the Rock A Billy’s even the Pro Armor offerings or???, to mount up and use as an all purpose tire as we have used the Bighorns for.
I want a tire that will perform at least as well in the sand as the Bighorns do but will be better suited for the other terrain we run on. I’ve posed this question to a couple of tire dealers and get plenty of advice on what to look for but no one wants to point and say, “yep we suggest these of the brands we sell based on our experience”.
Manufacturers tout their own stuff which is to be expected.

Right now leaning towards the Rock A Billy, as they appear to have a fairly open pattern that might be good in the sand.
Any of you guys have some real world experience with a tire that you can recommend, or one I should stay away from?

I am planning to go 30×10-14, and would like a tire that doesn’t come in under 29 or over 31 when actually mounted up.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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