I have never carried a spare and luckily have never needed one. I do have a compressor, plugs and patches, never had to use the patches or plugs.

We are headed to the Black Hills this summer and am sure I will want to carry a spare on the trail with another one or two back in the truck. My first thought is to buy my next set of tires and use them as spares however I would be really be pissed if I had to use one for a spare and ended up cutting a sidewall on a brand new spare.

I have a couple older tires that are still good enough for spares but they are 26″ and I run 27″ Swamp Lites ( which run a bit big). Will if cause me any problems or damage anything if I run a smaller spare on the machine if I need to? If I have to I will run with brand new tires as spares but would rather carry a used up spare.

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