Whats everybody think about these tires? Going on 2015 RZR 900 EPS 4 seater.

I ride hard trail, rocky trail (not rock crawling, but higher speed trail), gravel and dirt trails. We do have a good amount of pavement riding here.

No real mud to speak of, ground is so hard and rocky, when it rains we just get puddles with hard bottom. Not a winter user so any snow riding would be limited to around my yard. Any snow over 6″ deep I would just ride the snowmobile.

My wants for a tire are QUIET and mostly vibration free. Will balance if need be. Fairly tough is also needed. Which I assume these tires are.
Also would like it to last about 2000 miles or a little more. Probably 1/4 to 1/3 of that will be pavement.

Traction is not really a concern unless its absolutely horrible. We have no challenging riding here, just trails.

Im also looking at Carnivores and Tusk Terrabites. Though leaning towards the Liberty because Im afraid the Carnivores would get tore up on the pavement, and AFAIK the Terrabites don’t come in a 15″ wheel yet.

Wheels will probably be KMC Machete 15×7, 5+2 offset. I like the idea of 15″ wheel, unless somebody can give me a good reason to go with 14″.
Not to worried about pinch flats, air PSI will probably be 10-15psi.

Thanks for any advice or insights.

edit; for 2015 RZR 900 EPS 4 seater.

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