I’m looking for some advice from the duners on which direction I should go. Its kind of a long story, so I apologize upfront.

I’ve got a 2015 XP 1000. Went to Little Sahara (Waynoka OK) in May with 27 inch EFX Sand Slingers on a set of ITP SS112’s (14×8 rears, 14×6 fronts). They worked well, once I got used to paddles and buffs (first time to the dunes in my RZR). Ran all of the dunes with no problems. Carved up the sides. Went straight up the higher dunes on the north end. Never felt as if I didn’t have more power at my disposal. BUT of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone. So once I got back home I did a little research (apparently too little), and convinced myself that I would be better off with the 29 inch Sand Slingers. Sooo I went back to Little Sahara the weekend before last with the 29’s on a set of STI HD5 Beadlocks (14×9 rear, 14×7 front). TOTALLY different experience. Had to turn down early on few dunes. Had to give it everything I had just to make it over the tall dunes. And almost fried an EPI belt. Difference in performance was night and day. AND I went back with an ABLA Racing stage 1 kit (ecu re-flash, clutch kit, fuel controller, SLP exhaust). The kit was tested several times in the dirt before going to the dunes, and it definitely made a noticeable difference.

So here is my dilemma: Considering either 1- Just going back with the 27’s which I still have, and calling it a day; or 2 – Cutting the 29’s to stagger the paddles; or 3 – Spending the money to get the correct tire set-up.

I only go to the dunes 2 – 3 times a year. And I don’t really want to spend any more money on tires. BUT if the difference in the performance will be that noticeable, I’m willing to consider it.

And yes I know I made quite a few mistakes here. I know about the difference in wheels, difference in quality of tire, difference in tire weight, difference in diameter (29’s are actually more like 30.25 inches), number of paddles, etc… And I’ve read a few threads about sand tire preference. But I am where I am now, and would really appreciate some opinions / direction from some of you who have spent more time in the dunes and who have tried different tire set-ups.

And don’t hold back. I have relatively thick skin.

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