My 32” XG Crawlers arrived yesterday with my STI HD5 rims. Mounted them up and am happy I didn’t order 30s as they measure about 30 1/4 with 14lbs in them. They weighed in at 56.8 lbs mounted. My stocks with 400 miles on them weighed 46.8 and 40.6 respectively. Machine goes in today to have my SLP clutch kit installed. Didn’t get a chance to ride it. It was late by the time I got them mounted on the wheels and then on machine. Will take it for a short spin this morning before loading on trailer. Attachment 541882Attachment 541890

Thanks to American rock rods, just so happens they are right up the road from me. Great guys to deal with.

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2017 XP 1000
2016 900S

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