First off I live in Indiana I needed a tire to clean out well stick to rocks have good tread depth 8ply with lots of side bite, and be light as possible. I felt this was my best choice. The No Limit Patriot. I will put the tires trough there paces in the months to come. I went with the 30/10/14 for my XPT4. I looked at many other tires several times. Most other AT tires just have to little tread for the slick clay around here. After many hours of tire comparison the ITP black water was the only thing that caught my eye considering all the stipulation I had.

1. Tread depth 15/16
2. Tire height at 15 psi 29 3/4 at 22psi 30 1/8 “MAX PSI COLD”
3. 8 ply
4. 36 pounds
5. Side tread 3/16
6. Not DOT rated
7. Price in in line with every other good tire made
8. Only place to get them right now is No Limit Wheels
9. If you like the EFX Motoclaw with out the weight this is the tire for you
10. Storm at No Limit Wheels was a good guy to talk to. He took time out of his day to go over how this tire was designed.

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