I’m the proud owner of a 17 XPT. I ride a ton on the BLM land and in the OHV area off highway 54 between Alamogordo and Orogrande, NM. I live in Alamogordo but want to get in on the rides up near ABQ. Prior to doing that though I want to make a few upgrades. First I want to get tires. I’m pretty sure I want 30 inch tires on method 501 wheels with a 5/2 offset all around. My thinking is I don’t want to have to clutch my ride because I want to be able to throw the paddles on it when I go to the dunes. I am certain that I will use this car often. Primarily in the desert, a few times a year in light snow, a few times a year at Glamis, a few times a year at MOAB and since UTV’s are street legal in Alamogordo, on the street. I need an all-around tire. I am leaning toward a 30 inch tire as I stated before. I have been looking online and just can’t decide. I’m looking for suggestions. Some of my concerns are weight of the tire and offset. I don’t want to put a setup on my car that significantly changes the performance in a negative way. I’m new to this. I’ve had a SXS for exactly one year. I appreciate your answers in advance.

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