First off I would like to introduce myself as a new member, lots of awesome rides on here and inspiring to say the least. I just picked up a 2018 RZR Xp4 Turbo Fox Edition yesterday and I am looking for some good advice on wheel and tire selection so I can start on my own build. I am running into a road block on figuring out what will work based on my circumstance. I have a toy hauler with a second bathroom in the garage area which limits my front wheel overall width from outside tread to outside tread to around 68″. Wall to wall is 71″ so i need some air space between the walls to park in the garage. I want to get a set of aftermarket wheels and mud tires for it but I am running into the problem of how wide will I end up as well as avoiding any scrubbing issues with turning radius. I called every dealer I could find and online stores asking for advice but everyone tells me to ask here so I figured I would seek assistance on the forum.

I am trying to find a wheel and tire combo that I can get that will give me a little bigger mud specific tire while keeping me at the stock width it comes from the factory. I have been told that the 6+1 backspacing does not work on the XP turbo models? Not sure if this is correct or not as it came from a dealer which didnt seem all that interested in assisting me.

My question is will the 6+1 offsets work with the XP4 Turbo Fox edition, and if so, which wheels offer a true 6+1 backspacing…Looking for all black nice looking rims…was focused on the ITP Hurricanes. If 6+1 wheels do in fact work with the XP4 Turbo, would 10″ wide tires put me at a much wider stance? or would 8″ wide tires be a better option to keep in stock width specs?

If not, my question is if I am doing the math correctly on this (I read the backspacing sticky on this forum but I am still a little confused)…if I went with a 5+2 backspacing rim, which would put me at 1″ each side for a total of 2″ width increase (stock backspacing on Polaris rim is 5+1 on the fronts), would running 8″ wide tires instead of 9″ like the stock big horns in the front bring me back in to the same width as if I was running stock?

I was considering to go with the SuperATV Assassinators in 29.5X8X14s on the front and then 29.5X10X14 in the rear. Rear is not as big of a deal as the front is as my garage is full width 8′. If I were to run this wheel set up, with a 3-5″ Super ATV Bracket lift, does this pretty much keep me within factory width or would I still be wider with 5+2 rims? On the backspacing post it mentioned that the lift would slim up the width by at least 1″. from experience is this accurate?

If aftermarket rims impose width problem regardless, would the 29.5X8X14 assassinators work on the stock rims on the front without any rubbing issues if I do the bracket lift?

I appreciate any input in advance, my brain is fried trying to figure this stuff out :banghead: lol

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