Working on building up my ’17 XPT and wanna get the MSA M21 wheels like I put on my Wildcat, but don’t want to run into the same issues I had with it. Are there any stud or lug nut upgrades I need to do and what width/offset do I need for the wheels? As far as I know the lug pattern is 156? Just gonna put the factory tires on them for now. With my WC the factory studs were too short and so I had to upgrade to 12mm studs from the 10mm and increase the length of the stud to get enough threads for the lug nuts. Also, what is the best place to purchase the wheels from? Last question is are the manual tire machines worth having? I know I won’t need it for the MSA’s, but planning on mounting paddles to the factory wheels eventually and between my and my group we tend to need to change tires often. Would rather do it myself then pay a shop everytime and we don’t have a shop local. Thanks!
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