I just got my 2017 turbo rzr a few months ago and it’s time to finally start throwing some mods at it. I live in Colorado so I go to walden sand dunes and I need some paddles. Next week I plan on ordering some mods from Aftermarket assassin including tuning, clutch, exhaust, on a hot tune 100 octane. I just don’t know what wheel tire setup I need to go with. Should I stay with a 29″ tire or go up to 30″? And for paddles how does that work? Is more paddles better? Iv been looking at the method wheels 401 with the 29″ with the sand tire unlimited paddles and Method 401 Gun Metal Wheels and Sand Tire Unlimited Paddle Tire *Set* ? Concord Polaris and Trailer World
And the skat trak 30″ paddles 14
Skat Trak sand tire set (30″ 14 paddle)

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