Hey everyone!

I’ve been digging around and doing some research before pulling the trigger on some new shoes. I’ve concluded that I will be going with the Tensor Regulator tires (30x10x14) for the type of AZ riding I do. Mostly hard-packed dirt, asphalt and loose rock. I like that they’re a LT tire and wear less quickly than other tires out there.

The trouble I’m having is would you guys out there mount these tires on the OEM setup? (Rear wheels wider than fronts) OR would you get OEM front wheels for the rear so that they’re all the same size and rotatable?

That and the offset question are what I’m trying to figure out. I think that if I do go with 4 front wheels, I’ll probably get a 1″ wheel spacer kit for the rears. (I want my rear end to track the front) Just don’t want to spend the money on new wheels ATM. If you guys could guide me in the right direction, I would most definitely appreciate it.


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