I ordered a set of +2″ Forward HD A-Arms online from the website. After three days I still had not received an email confirmation so I called them to check status. “They’ll ship in a couple of days” was the response I got. I received them shortly after with no issue. They seem well made and no issues with the quality.

However, they do not have complete bushings, only a brass insert. In the description: “This kit includes all four a-arms with brass bushings and grease zerks already installed”. This would lead one to believe it has bushings pre-installed. I called to inquire and got “You have to reuse your stock bushings”. I explained I don’t have the stock bushings and the description is misleading. The rep said it would check to see what they could do and call me right back, that was over a week ago.

I could really care less about $100 set of bushings but it’s the lack of follow through. This is not the first time I’ve had issues with their customer service. I had to cancel a previous order after two weeks and no product or update. I called and was told “Call back later no one can help you right now”…”wrong answer just cancel my order”.

As a business owner customer service is always #1 so at this point Zbroz will get no more business from me…..

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